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Written & Directed by Nadia Cavelle

Demi-Lea Sadler, a medical doctor, and her husband Will, a struggling novelist, are desperately trying to have children. When Anne Harris, Demi-Lea’s best friend, brings the mysteriously handsome Freddy Young over for dinner one night, dreams start coming true in ways unexpected.


LASCIVIOUS GRACE is a dramatic short inspired by the themes and characters of Shakespeare’s collection of 154 sonnets about a love triangle involving a Poet, a Fair Youth and a Dark Lady, which was published in 1609.

Currently distributed by Shorts International Ltd.

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Cast Ronke Adekoluejo, Henry Garrett, Max Befort & Jane Stanton

Producers Melissa Johnson-Peters & Rienkje Attoh

Cinematographer Felix Schmilinsky

Casting Jeremy Zimmermann

Music Guy Hughes 

Editor Craig Coole & Matthew McKinnon 

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