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Directed by Will Thorne & Nathaniel Martello-White

a Break Em Films production

Three very different women discuss their very different issues with the same therapist. The traffic of their minds is delivered traffickingly, through inter-cut monologues to camera. Out of sight, the therapist observes and questions, encouraging us to do exactly the same.

TALKING TRAFFIC addresses issues of modern identity through strong-minded, ambivalent female characters who challenge preconceptions. It is a comical, slightly absurd exploration into what it means to define your personal self with the help of a professional other. Although it has a satirical edge, it also delves into issues of a darker nature and simply asks you to think before you judge,


Cast Imogen Doel, Hannah Good & Magdalene Mills & Alistair McGowan

Writer Nadia Cavelle

Producers Nadia Cavelle & Will Thorne

Cinematographer James Boyes

Music Keiran Hague 

Editor Craig Coole 

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