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Three siblings. A kitchen. A box full of cassette tapes and a dress.

Who will become Mother today and what will the toaster say?

A form-pushing new play, Subject Mater is a loosely autobiographical and darkly absurd journey into the mother/child relationship and what it takes to break free.

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Cast Nadia Cavelle, Zachary Fall, Lorna Nickson Brown

Playwright Nadia Cavelle

Director Oliver Dawe

Producer Ben Weaver-Hincks

Set & Costume Design Rüta Irbïte

Lighting Design Simeon Miller

Sound Design & Composer Josh Spear

Stage Manager Vita Ingram

Executive Producers Peter Whiteway, Hugh McIntyre, Katherine Soloviev, Joanna Greene

Special thanks to our Kickstarter supporters Deirdre McDonald Greene, Gaelle Chainieux, Andy Torr, Lisann Anders, Peter Whiteway, Hugh McIntyre, Katherine Soloviev and Joanna Greene.

"A theatrical ode to a vivacious [...] Frenchwoman and mother, who fills a kitchen with romance, this semi-autobiographical show, written and co-performed by Nadia Cavelle, is as delicious as the peaches being chopped in its chic on-stage kitchen”

The Scotsman ★★★★


"As a foray into a new type of theatre and as a semi-autobiographical examination of Cavelle’s own experiences, this hidden gem of the Fringe manages the difficult feat of being both genuinely moving and hysterical, sometimes at the same time. Accessible and elegant but still obscure and original, Subject Mater is a triumph from start to finish."

The Wee Review ★★★★


"This feels like a discovery. Performed on the tiniest of stages in front of three rows of seats, Nadia Cavelle’s three-hander is an exquisite example of what an inventive Fringe company can do with minimal resources. It’s elegantly presented, precisely performed and draws you into its quirky theatrical landscape with an assurance that belies both the scale of the show and the company’s experience.”

Mark Fisher, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine ★★★★


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